Fidesys has facilitated substantial design optimization for freight railroad cars and cost reduction in manufacturing.
— Konstantin Kolesov, Uralvagonzavod
The Fidesys package allowed to build a detailed mesh and conduct a robust simulation for our machines.
— Alexei Podgorny, KAMAZ
Precise modeling of geomechanical stresses in the drift led us to the right decisions on structural strengthening.
— Vladimir Pisecky, Ignortech
The Fidesys package is a convenient tool for solving geomechanical problems and it can be recommended for research and production tasks.
— Vasily Zadachny, MISiS

Fidesys is successfully applied by

Geomechanical model of fractured reservoirs for the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech).

The company provides services for the introduction of CAE Fidesys in production processes, including employee training and adaptation of software computing capabilities, in relation to the customer’s production tasks.

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Calculation of board cover Eigen modes.

A simplified model adequately describes the object when finding Eigen modes < 2 kHz. It has approximately ten times less finite elements and a substantially faster counting time.

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Development of technologies for the production of new generation composite materials and design solutions for the manufacture of supports.

A full-scale 3D modeling has been carried out with development of a calculation technique for material resistance on its basis.

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Calculation of high-pressure metal-composite cylinder intended for transportation, storage and delivery of compressed gas.

Comparison of the strength characteristics obtained in CAE Fidesys for two versions of the container body followed by choosing of the optimum option in terms of strength, weight, cost and manufacturability.

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Calculation of stress-strain state for a tank filled with water.

Stability and strength calculation in CAE Fidesys was made; safety factors are obtained for the selected strength theories.

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Calculation of model dynamics on the example of testing the KAMAZ-5308 with an elastic frame. Computing Eigen and static modes with CAE Fidesys.

Eigen and static modes were calculated in CAE Fidesys and an FEM model was prepared for transmission to the EULER software package. Ensuring further calculation as part of a multicomponent mechanical system.

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Seal behavior modeling for the radial part of a vehicle door opening.

Rubber seal body installation was modeled in the CAE Fidesys package. A good agreement with the experiment was received in terms of displacements, the shape of deformed geometry in case of large deformations.

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