Problem description

Implementation of the interface for calculations using finite element models in the form of elastic links.
Evaluating the effects of changing the motion parameters and mechanism structure on the stress-strain state of a part.
Considering the influence of elastic deformations of mechanism links on the motion dynamics.
Integration with the EULER software system.


Eigen and static modes were calculated in CAE Fidesys and an FEM model was prepared for transmission to the EULER software package. Ensuring further calculation as part of a multicomponent mechanical system.

It is intended to determine the maximum maneuvering speed when changing lanes on a restricted section of the road to ensure tyre sticking to the road or to hold the DM within the dimensional corridor. This type of test is regulated by GOST R 52302-2004.
The finite-element modeling helped us to take into account the influence of vehicle dynamics as a whole on the stress-strain state of the frame.


CAE Fidesys Professional

Fidesys HPC functional module

Integration with the EULER SS


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