The company provides services for the introduction of CAE Fidesys in production processes, including employee training and adaptation of software computing capabilities, in relation to the customer’s production tasks.
— Mikhail Spasennykh, Director of the Hydrocarbon Production Center, the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Problem desctription

There are two limitations of the initial analytical model: the diagonal relationship between displacements and forces in a crack and low deformations.
The need to take into account the geometric nonlinearity in the relationship between the crack deformations and displacements of its edges.
The actual problem of evaluating the effective mechanical properties of inhomogeneous materials taking into account nonlinear effects.


The modeling results may be applied to build geomechanical models of real deposits in shale formations and to analyze geomechanical processes in them.

The numerical calculations carried out with CAE Fidesys clearly demonstrated the significant influence of these generalizations on the effective elastic moduli, which in some cases leads to a change in the effective Young’s modulus up to 30% with respect to the initial value.
The periodicity cell model built with CAE Fidesys allows flexible adjustment of the crack system parameters: number, increment, thickness, rigidity, as well as number and size of pores in the matrix.


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