The implemented approach allows for detailed modeling of geomechanical processes during construction and finishing of wells.
— Antonina Evnikeeva, Gazpromneft STC LLC
Application of the Fidesys Geomechanics 1.0 in the development of an oil field in Siberia helped to successfully solve the tasks associated with drilling a well of a complex spatial architecture.
— Vladislav Zhukov, Director of the Department of Gazpromneft STC LLC Nickel

Problem description

The existing analytical formulas do not take into account the complex geometry of wells.
It is necessary to evaluate the deformations of the wellbore depending on the pressure of the drilling mud to clarify the drilling parameters.
The current approach does not provide the required dynamic calculations and does not take into account plastic effects.
The forecast for rock reaction to mechanical impact and timely adjustment of technological parameters helps save a lot.


A geomechanical model of the wellbore proximity area was implemented with the Fidesys Geomechanics functional module. The model ensured successful tracing of the well in difficult mining and geological conditions.

By taking into account the plastic deformation effects, CAE Fidesys Professional makes rock behavior prediction more accurate.
In addition, the toolkit includes a wide range of filters and ensures displaying in many popular formats.

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